About Us

We believe students can enjoy learning. It is our priority to uphold the highest academic standards while meeting each student’s individual needs.


Opportunity and a vision to deliver the highest levels of individualized instruction were key factors that drove us to create Groza Learning Center. Since 2002, Groza has tutored in Pacific Palisades, Venice, Brentwood, Mar Vista, Malibu, and other surrounding cities, working with students from a variety of schools and educational profiles. After realizing the limitations of having a mobile service, in 2007 we made the decision to open a location which would allow for the expansion and enhancement of services that we could offer client families.

Today, Groza’s programs serve students from Pre-K to college and cover a diverse set of specialties including Subject Tutoring, Test Preparation, Reading Remediation, and HomeSchool.

From the beginning, we desired to be set apart in providing unparalleled, comprehensive tutoring. Integrity, excellence, and care are the hallmarks of Groza.  We have learned a great deal during our 17 years of experience working with a diverse range of students- those from private and public schools, the gifted and those with learning differences, traditional and non-traditional learners- so, we understand how to effectively work with your student.

We’re often asked, “What makes us different”? Here are some Groza distinctives:

  • Genuine care for each student
  • Meticulous service
  • Full-time tutoring staff (not just moonlighting, but committed professionals)
  • Director of Curriculum on staff managing and generating original Groza Content and Proprietary Lessons
  • Specialists who have or are pursuing advanced degrees
  • Research-based teaching initiatives
  • Team approach- not just one person, but a team of educators managing your student’s program
  • Collaboration between teachers, educational psychologists, counselors, administration
  • Over 17 years of experience; extensive knowledge of schools and admissions process

Thank you for all you've accomplished with my son. Amazing! He is feeling so much better, and the effort reminds him, yet again, of the intrinsic rewards of hard work and achievement.

-Palisades High School Parent


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