How Pacific Palisades Tutoring Programs Enhance College and Workplace Readiness in Students

New situations tend to inspire at least some level of anxiety, and it’s hardly surprising that the level of anxiety we experience is often directly related to how prepared we feel upon entering a new or unfamiliar situation. Reducing the anxiety we experience is just one of the many reasons we feel compelled to invest so much time and energy into preparing for a new situation.

After all, many of us can easily recollect what it feels like to be a recent high school graduate preparing for that first semester of college, or what it feels like to be a recent college graduate preparing to enter the workforce for the first time. The more skills we possess, the greater level of confidence we experience as we begin that first semester of college or enter the workforce after earning a college degree.

Unfortunately, some of the most basic skills we associate with college and workplace readiness have eroded in recent years. An article published in the Washington Post cited anecdotal evidence as well as several national surveys in order to highlight how high school and college graduates increasingly lack the ability to write coherent prose. According to the article, employers across the United States are finding it difficult to find job candidates who possess the ability “to write coherently, think creatively and analyze quantitative data.”

Of course, our Pacific Palisades tutoring program is designed to prepare students for their future academic and professional endeavors. With the help of a Pacific Palisades tutor, our students have the opportunity to gain a significant advantage over their peers by working to achieve a genuine level of college readiness as well as workplace readiness. To reinforce this notion, the Washington Post article featured the following quote attributed to the owner of a government contracting business: “the biggest differentiator in business now is good writing.”

There are many reasons why so many students are entering college with limited writing skills, and professors have been quite candid about how difficult it is to sharpen these skills once a student is enrolled at a college or university. Experts tend to agree that this is an issue that has to be addressed long before the student enters college, underscoring the importance of working with a tutor or a learning center that specializes in improving a student’s compositional skills as part of a comprehensive college readiness program.

Recognizing that good writing is a key differentiator among both college students and professionals alike, those who enter college or begin a new job with sound writing skills are clearly in a much better position to achieve immediate and sustained success. These students also benefit from a substantially increased feeling of confidence — as well as significantly less anxiety — as they enter any new or unfamiliar situation, including, of course, the beginning of that first semester of college or those first few weeks in a new job.

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