SAT Prep

Groza SAT Preparation begins with a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness, and determine initial score performance level. Our detailed score reports and test analysis identify which content areas require addressing and prioritize the order in which they should be revisited.

Next, we research the target score necessary for a competitive application to the desired school(s). We begin prepping accordingly, regularly assessing a student’s progress toward the target score.

We believe this is the most efficient way to do test prep. (Students have realized 200-465 point improvement!)


Course options include:

  • One-on-one (customized course)
    There is no predetermined number of sessions to prepare for the SAT in a one-on-one context. Some students begin prepping a year or more in advance; others need far less prep time. It is entirely dependent upon the target score goal and the commitment of the student to their program. Homework and practice test load varies. An individualized session plan is designed during a consultation phone call or visit.
  • Group Classes


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