School is no longer “one size fits all.” We created Groza Academy, our private day school, so that we could craft a customized school experience for our students. We offer a challenging advanced program for students who are developing ahead of the traditional timeline, as well as a deep foundations program for students who have
missed skills at the traditional pace.

For students who need to retake, or get ahead with a single class, we offer fully accredited courses recognized by all universities and the NCAA. Students enrolled in public or private schools can enjoy one-to-one instruction with a specialist who also manages course logistics, from enrollment to homework schedule to transcript deadlines and requirements.

Open up more possibilities for your student with our full day school and single course options.

Each day at Groza we proudly offer a fully accredited college preparatory program within our world-class facility. Your son or daughter can enjoy all the benefits of private school, but with the individual attention and safety of a smaller environment. Students are able to work at their own pace and flourish according to their learning styles and gifts.



Full-time students at Groza attend school Monday-Friday from 8am-12noon for a more individualized school experience.

  • Small group setting
  • Low student teacher ratio; 1:1 is available
  • Adjustable homework load
  • Flexible calendar
  • Student works at own pace
  • Rolling enrollment available


Concurrently enrolled students (students enrolled in another school full time) can get ahead, make-up, or re-take coursework during the school year or summer. All Fast-Track Courses are fully accredited.

  • Accelerated or alternative way to complete required coursework
  • 1:1 teaching
  • Flexible calendar
  • Student works at own pace


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