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Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Camp Groza Will Teach Your Child To Lead With Confidence

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June 15 - July 31

How Is Your Child Learning To Be Resilient?

To survive in a competitive world that demands grit, perseverance, and creativity they need to begin honing their leadership skills. Camp Groza can get them started.

Give Your Child An Entrepreneurial Edge

At Camp Groza, They'll Learn What It Takes To Be A Game-Changing Leader.


They'll Gain The Confidence To Pursue Their Passion


They'll Learn How To Go After What They Want And Get It


They'll Become A Creative Decision Maker

After being at Camp Groza my daughter is more confident. Now she feels comfortable speaking up for herself and voicing her opinions.

A Happy Parent

Your child will develop traits and skills for success with 6 weeks of activities focusing on the following themes:


Week 1 : Failure Is Not An Option


Week 2 : Pivot Is Your Best Friend


Week 3 : Thinking Outside The Box


Week 4 : Bringing Your Idea To Life


Week 5 : Pitching To The Sharks


Week 6 : Making A Difference

My son has always been entrepreneurial. One day he'd like to run his own business. Camp Groza helped him to visualize his future more clearly and showed him the steps to get there.

A Proud Parent

Inspire Your Child To Go After Their Dreams And Lead With Confidence

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June 15 - July 31

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Watch your child grow in confidence.
Help them become the leader they were born to be.

Grow and nurture your child's entrepreneurial spirit.

  • They'll learn a strong work ethic
  • They'll develop strong appreciation for money
  • They'll hone their ability to think more creatively
  • They'll improve their people skills
  • They'll become better goal setters
  • They'll develop strong executive functioning skills

Your Child Was Born To Lead. They Just Need To Know How.

Camp Groza Will Show Them.