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Groza SAT Preparation begins with a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness and determine initial score performance level. Our detailed score report and test analysis identify which content areas need to be addressed and prioritize the order in which they should be revisited.

Next, we research the target score necessary for a competitive application to the desired school(s). We begin prepping accordingly, regularly assessing a student’s progress toward the target score.

We believe this is the most efficient way to do test prep. (Students have realized 200-465 point improvement!)


Taking the ACT is an important milestone for a high school student. The ACT test is now considered an equivalent and alternative test to the SAT when it comes to college admissions. The ACT has Math, English, Reading, Science, and Writing sections. Each section is distinctive in nature (the writing section is optional in some cases, but most schools require it). For some students, this test is a better fit than the SAT.

ACT preparation begins with a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness and determine initial score performance level. Our detailed score report and test analysis identify which content areas require tutoring and prioritize the order in which they should be taught. Next, we pinpoint the target scores necessary for a competitive application to the desired school(s). We begin prepping accordingly, regularly assessing progress toward the target score. We believe this is the most efficient way to do test prep.

Students have realized 4-10 point improvement!
Groza ISEE and SSATpreparation prides itself on results. We know that high performance comes when students are inspired, and stress is mitigated. This course introduces the tricks and strategies necessary to attack each question type and teaches important academic concepts present on the ISEE and SSAT. We reinforce disciplined work habits and multiple-choice test taking skills that will benefit students well beyond the ISEE – our course helps kids with their schoolwork too! There are three test levels given: Lower (students applying to grades 5-6), Middle (students applying to grades 7-8), and Upper (students applying to grades 9-12). One-on-one courses are customized according to the needs of the student. Practice tests and homework are recommended.
Preparing for the HSPT is unlike prepping for any other test. Over the years we have designed our own HSPT method that works and continues to prove itself time and time again. Our approach focuses on students enjoying the process of mastering new concepts and skills necessary to succeed on the test. Homework and practice tests are recommended.

Smarter Balanced Common Core Assessments (Public School)… gone are the STAR/CSTs, in with the Smarter Balanced end-of-year Summative Assessments! Common Core has radically revamped a good portion of the nation’s curriculum, and LAUSD is included in that overhaul. The Common Core standards (which have been added to existing California state standards) were designed to create a higher level of college and career readiness than the current state standards. What this means is the tests will be much more difficult. The testing is challenging and is presented in a radically different way- they are computer adaptive tests that go far beyond traditional multiple choice to include:

  • Multiple choice multiple answers – Students must select all correct answers (rather than just one) for a given multiple choice question.
  • Hot text – Students must highlight a portion of text to answer this question. This is generally in the context of finding support for a statement or idea.
  • Matching Tables – Students match the correct answer from an answer bank to each of several questions.
  • Short Answer – Students must answer a question by typing a few sentences.
  • Performance Task – Students generally answer a few short answer questions followed by an essay question which builds off the short answer questions. The questions may or may not be related to an in-class activity.

The content is much more application driven than procedural. The aim is to make the testing more applicable in a real-world sense. Typing answers is going to be required of students, so they will certainly need to have reasonably proficient typing skills if they are to logistically navigate the test efficiently. Practice tests and homework are recommended.

SAT Subject Tests
Groza prepares students for most SAT Subject Tests. Many colleges do not require Subject Tests, but they are useful to strengthen an application and demonstrate a particular competency in a subject. Homework and practice tests are recommended.

The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) California’s K-12 academic assessment system – the CAASPP tests – measure a student’s achievement of California’s education standards in English, Mathematics, and Science.

Groza Learning Center recognizes that many elementary school children can be intimidated by the formal testing process and be sensitive to pressures to do well. A Groza LC instructor will give your child the individual attention needed to feel comfortable with the testing process and confident with CAASPP questions. Your child will become familiar with the format and content of the CAASPP test, so that no obstacles will prevent the attainment of the highest possible scores.

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, or OLSAT, is a standardized exam used to analyze the yearly development and academic progression of students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The OLSAT is also used by certain schools to identify potential candidates for gifted and talented programs, or GAT, in conjunction with the results of other standardized tests like the NNAT. The OLSAT analyzes both verbal and nonverbal abilities throughout its five core areas. Students face twenty-one subtests on this exam, which can inspire a combination of test anxiety and exhaustion and result in them failing to successfully demonstrate their abilities.

Groza Learning Center instructors will help your child to become familiar with the structure of the OLSAT, teach strategies on how to approach the exam confidently, and tailor OLSAT tutoring to your child’s needs.

The Educational Records Bureau (or ERB) is a non-profit organization that provides admissions assessments for students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12. No matter which exam your child will be taking, Groza Learning Center can help. Receive personally tailored ERB lessons from exceptional instructors in a one-on-one setting. Homework and practice tests are recommended.

Doing well on the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) can allow your child to become a National Merit Scholar, a prestigious honor recognized by colleges that may be awarded with a substantial financial aid package. child is serious about doing as well as they can on the PSAT, access to top PSAT instructors can provide you with an extra competitive edge on test day.

PSAT preparation begins with a practice test to diagnose areas of strength and weakness and to determine initial score performance level. Our detailed score report and test analysis determine which content areas require tutoring and prioritize the order in which they should be taught. A personally tailored PSAT learning plan will be designed for your child.

The SCAT Test (School and College Ability Test) is a standardized test used to identify students from Grades 2 through 12 for admission into the gifted program at the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University.

The test has two sections:

  • Verbal (55 multiple-choice questions)
  • Quantitative (55 multiple-choice questions)

Out of the 55 questions in each section, 50 count toward the test taker’s score, while the other five are experimental questions used by the test-makers to evaluate questions on future tests.

If your child needs help preparing for the SCAT exam, Groza Learning Center’s skilled SCAT exam tutors can help.

Your child’s individualized SCAT Exam tutoring sessions allow them to work on the sorts of questions that show up on SCAT exam. Your child’s SCAT Exam tutor will take them through the exam format, steer them through the subjects covered in the test, and show them ways to deal with test anxiety and the time restraints during the test.

Simulated tests are an essential component of the SCAT exam prep formula. This aspect of the procedure can frequently be very valuable in raising your child’s self-confidence and in cutting back any test anxiety they may be sensing, which could give them a psychological boost on the big day.


The College Board’s Advanced Placement (or AP) classes give high-performing high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking college-level classes during high school. Each May, students take the AP exam for their particular class(es), and if you earn a score of 3 or higher, you can earn college credit at almost all American colleges, along with many others around the world. With so much at stake, Advanced Placement tutoring makes a lot of sense, and Groza Learning Center can help.

There are currently 38 AP courses offered in seven categories, as shown here.

  • Arts, 5 courses
  • English, 2 courses
  • History and social sciences, 9 courses
  • Math and computer science, 5 courses
  • Sciences, 7 courses
  • World languages and cultures, 8 courses
  • Capstone, 2 courses

Students who take AP courses can make a good impression on college admissions professionals. With the help of Advanced Placement tutoring, students can increase their chances of getting into the college or university of your choice.

No student is expected to take all of the AP courses. Whether your strengths lie in STEM subjects, the arts, languages, or other AP categories, there are Advanced Placement tutors who can help students reach their goals. Qualified students can take any AP class, so they are also a way to explore your interests before reaching college.

The exams are rigorous and the stakes are high. That’s why working with someone who understands a student’s learning needs and is experienced in Advanced Placement prep can make all the difference in one’s future.

Applying for college can be an equally exciting and nerve-wracking time. After four years of hard work, your admission essay is all that stands between you and the school of your dreams. At Groza Learning Center, we are here to help. Our instructors can assist you in crafting outstanding essays that can catch the eye of admissions advisors.

Preparing With Groza Means:

  • Increased school options
  • Becoming a better student
  • Having a simplified approach to standardized testing
  • Reduced stress and anxiety surrounding tests
  • Increased confidence on test day
  • Greater opportunities for the best schools

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