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Groza Comprehension and Fluency programs utilize the latest in research based curriculum and resources. A ‘one-size fits all’ approach is not always the most effective- our programs are adaptive based on the needs of each student. The Groza Learning Center offers renowned, research based reading remediation programs for reading fluency and comprehension. All students begin with an initial assessment, a consultation after the assessment to determine the right tutoring direction, and a re-test after the tutorials are completed to measure improvement.

Reading Comprehension – We specialize in Lindamoodbell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing ® reading comprehension program. This program is for students who don’t seem to comprehend what they have read and/or struggle to think critically about reading material. Our tutors are trained to teach kids the process of making movies in their head while reading, which allows students to 1. Remember details and 2. Be able to think critically and analyze what they’ve read.

Reading Fluency – We are experts in Lindamoodbell’s Seeing Stars ® curriculum for reading fluency. We offer a robust solution for students who struggle with issues such as fluency, decoding, and spelling. This program is for students who are struggling to learn how to read or are delayed with their reading ability. We combine the three foundations of reading to improve reading skills: phonemic awareness, instant word recognition, and language meaning. These sessions are chock-full of stimulating exercises and games that make reading fun.

Handwriting – We are proud to offer the leading, most renowned handwriting program available at Groza. Handwriting Without Tears® is a time-tested program that helps more than 2 million students a year. First, we diagnose specific handwriting issues and then we target what students need to work on. Lessons are developmentally appropriate, include hands-on materials, and incorporate fun activities. Offered for both printing and cursive.