Groza Comprehension and Fluency programs utilize the latest in research-based curriculum and resources. A ‘one-size fits all’ approach is not always the most effective- our programs are adaptive based on the needs of each student. The Groza Learning Center offers renowned, research-based reading remediation programs for reading fluency and comprehension. All students begin with an initial assessment, a consultation after the assessment to determine the right tutoring direction, and a re-test after the tutorials are completed to measure improvement.

Reading is one of the most essential, global skills a student will use in academics and in life.

Our research-based reading programs are designed to go back to the fundamentals and build a strong foundational skill set. We take a diagnostic approach to identify gaps as we design a precisely customized remediation plan for your student.

Fluency programs build confident, poised readers who have the prerequisite skills to enjoy reading.  Direct phonetic instruction is an essential remediation technique that takes the reading experience from one that is tedious and defeating to one that flows with ease.

Comprehension programs develop active, thoughtful readers equipped to create a synthesized understanding of text and thereby make connections, grasp the big ideas, and keep track of the fine details.


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