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Connect with familiar classmates and learn from experienced educators.

Your place or ours.

Whether schools reopen, stay closed, or a hybrid of both,
our PODS have been created to accommodate every scenario.

How do Homeschool Pods work?


Handpick your Pod members.

Invite other families to join your group and align on goals.


Learn from seasoned educators.

We have a proven track record of great teachers who will go above and beyond traditional subject areas and engage small groups of students in deep learning.


Online or
in-person Pods

Enjoy the social benefits of traditional school online or in-person. Our Homeschooling Pods are ideal for distance learning curriculum.

Distance Learning + Pods = Fun

Distance Learning + Pods = Fun

We make learning fun and interactive while adhering to all CDC guidelines and directives from local and state government.

Contact us to learn more about scheduling, pricing, safety measures, and signup.

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Can Academic Assessments Evaluate Learning Loss?

Top 5 things that set us apart:

1. Communication and transparency: You always know how your child is progressing.
2. An experienced team of educators collaborates to give your child’s program incredible value.
3. You get the best in research-based teaching initiatives.
4. We have years of experience and proven results.
5. From the gifted to the struggling, to children with learning disabilities, we customize every program according to a student’s needs and learning style.

Our educators are the best in the business

Our educators are the best in the business

Our Academic Instructors are graduates of the country’s most prominent universities, such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. Many hold teaching credentials, special education credentials, and advanced degrees, including master's degrees, PhDs, and JDs.


"I just wanted to share how much my son loves Groza. He says the teachers are wonderful. He constantly talks about what he's already done in just these few days and he can't wait to build a castle tomorrow."
- Darla
"Interacting with friends and teachers has made all the difference and he absolutely loves it. We are very fortunate he has this opportunity. He says he has done more reading in 2 days than he has in 9 months on Zoom!-eeek!! Reading is really something he resists doing, so he's making up for lost time."
- Aileen

Talk to an education consultant today about forming a Pod.