Private History/Social Science Tutoring

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Private History/Social Science Tutoring

Receive Private Tutoring In-Home, At Our Center in Pacific Palisades, or Online

Private History/Social Science Tutoring

Receive Private Tutoring In-Home, At Our Center in Pacific Palisades, or Online

Private Tutoring can be an educational lifeline for a student. Groza’s in-person and online tutoring services are designed to:


Reinforce Positive Work Habits and Confidence


Encourage Self Directed Learning


Improve Academic Performance

After School Tutoring: Class Specific

Is your student struggling in a specific area or course? Our tutors are ready to help. Groza Learning Center offers course-specific tutoring in the following classes:

  • K-12 History Classes
  • AP US History
  • AP Government
  • AP Psychology
  • Honors History Classes
  • US History
  • World History
  • Civics/Government Classes
  • College Level Social Sciences
  • And More!

If your child’s course is not listed above, contact our office to see if we can match you with the right tutor.

Summer Bridge Program​

The Social Sciences are an incredibly diverse and extensive field, which can sometimes be daunting to face as a student. From elementary school history to AP-level government and politics, the social sciences offer countless opportunities to grow and learn but can also prove a challenge to those tackling its subjects. That is why we at Groza emphasize key skills found in the social sciences, including: research, document analysis, and essay writing in the curriculums led by our expert tutors. We make sure to shape our instruction to your child’s curriculum so that they have exactly the tools they need to succeed.

Social Sciences Enrichment

Thanks to its variety and depth, the social sciences offer many different avenues for students to get hooked on learning. We at Groza pride ourselves in providing enrichment material for those students who want to take their social sciences education to the next – more challenging – level. Our expert tutors can guide your high-achieving student through high level social science coursework and curriculums, to get them ready for honors or AP coursework, or even to set them up for success in college-level courses.

Social Sciences: Adjusting to the Subject

In high school, history and other social science disciplines take a turn for the more difficult. New styles of essay writing, special rules for research, or different citation formats can all make adjusting to upper-class courses uncomfortable. With the help of our tutors, we teach our students how to face the demands of social science classes and material; instructing them in specific methods and strategies that make reading, writing, and researching in the subject a breeze!

Intro Civics: Supporting New Citizens

Whether your child is just starting school or new to the United States, learning about this country’s history and institutions should be easy and accessible. We believe that early civics education is important, not just for a student’s grades, but for your child to be fully ready to be an educated and thoughtful citizen. We provide a specialized program to help students learn the basics of America’s history, civics, and government, so that your student can thrive in school and beyond!