Build confidence, recover lost credits, and graduate on time.

Personalized Credit Recovery Classes & Programs

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Not every student’s academic path is a straight one.

If your child is struggling or failing, they don’t have to fall behind any further.

Get your child back on track with Groza’s credit recovery classes.

Our classes offer:

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An Alternative Way to Complete Coursework

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One-to-One Private Education Geared to their Specific Learning Abilities

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An Opportunity to Work at Their Own Pace

Take Advantage of a Second Chance With Summer Learning

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Graduate On Time

Rather than losing a year of postsecondary education, choosing to make up lost credits during the summer or classes during another part of the year will help your child graduate on time and with their peers. Groza’s high school credit recovery classes will ensure your child is prepared for the next step in their education.

Don’t Give Up Summer Plans

All of Groza’s tutoring and private education programs are designed with flexibility in mind. Our credit recovery program can be customized to meet your scheduling needs, whether you’d prefer to learn in-home in the Los Angeles area, in-center in Pacific Palisades, or online from anywhere in the world. Whether traveling or staying home, your summer plans don’t need to be interrupted, and your child can still work if they choose to.

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“Thank you for all your help and support. My son has been struggling in his math class all year long. He had failed both semesters. He thought he would not graduate with his peers. Groza has not only found him an amazing tutor, but he has passed the class and now says that he actually likes math.

Los Angeles, CA parent

Academic Redemption Is Just 3 Steps Away

Schedule a consultation.
Receive an individualized plan that empowers your child to reach their goals.
Clear the path to a brighter future.
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Recovering Academic Credits Leads to a More Successful Future

Unsure If Groza's Credit Recovery Program Is Right For Your Child?

You want to ensure your child is provided with the academic tools and guidance they need to be successful in their future education and future life. If your child is falling behind in school and needs assistance with credit recovery, Groza’s world-class private education will provide the personalized guidance they need to thrive.


Our credit recovery program can be flexible enough to meet anyone’s busy schedule and is personalized to the strengths and needs of each individual student. Whether you would prefer summer classes for credit recovery or classes during another part of the year,  classes online, in-home, or in-center, we can customize a plan that works for you.


Rather than dreading the prospect of going to summer school, our engaging credit recovery program will help your child rediscover their love of learning and inspire them to achieve academic success.


Get in touch with Groza today to learn more about our classes for credit recovery, and we’ll work together to find a solution that sets your child on the path to academic success.