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Private English and Language Arts Tutoring

Receive Private Tutoring In-Home, At Our Center in Pacific Palisades, or Online


Watch your child evolve at Groza Learning Center. Groza Learning Center’s quality tutoring and homeschooling services to jumpstart your child’s education. Our center prides itself on offering custom-tailored programs that suit YOUR needs.

Groza offers private instruction and group tutoring sessions In-person, online, and in-home.

Our individualized curriculum meets your child where they are; we offer differentiated instruction for special education (SPED) students, students with learning differences, and gifted students alike.


Head Start: Support for Beginning Readers ​

Lift your child a head above the rest as they begin their reading journey. Our reading tutors are ready to guide your beginning reader into fluency. This program offers instruction with key reading strategies, including, but not limited to: letter identification, letter sounds, decoding, and basic reading comprehension.

After School Tutoring: Class-Specific

Is your student struggling in a specific area or course? Our tutors are ready to help. Groza Learning Center offers course-specific tutoring in the following classes:

• Reading Fluency
• Reading Comprehension
• Writing
• Grammar
• Spelling
• Vocabulary
• Creative Writing
• English / Language Arts

• English Literature
• Essay Writing
• English as a Second Language
• AP Literature
• AP Language and Composition
• College English courses
• English Homework Help
• And more!

If your child’s course is not listed above, contact our office to see if we can match you with the right tutor.

Writer’s Retreat: Essay and Creative Writing Courses

Does your child struggle to write clear, creative, and well-researched essay assignments? Groza Learning Center’s writing tutors are available to teach essential writing skills. Your student will learn to outline, research, and write essays… and have fun while doing it!

English as a Second Language (ESL) Instruction

Let our native English-speaking teachers help your child on their path towards English proficiency. Our ESL tutors are available to assist with English pronunciation, grammar writing, and reading skills. Our center has bilingual tutors on staff for learners who are just beginning to learn English.

Summer Bridge Program

Is your child falling behind in their school’s English curriculum? Our bridge program will bring your child back to grade-level over the summer so that they are ready to face the new school year with confidence! Our bridge program emphasizes key reading, writing, and grammar skills. We shape our instruction on your child’s curriculum so that they have exactly the tools they need to succeed.

Get Personal 1-on-1 Tutoring From the Best English Tutors in Your Area.