Private Science Tutoring

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Private Science Tutoring

Receive Private Tutoring In-Home, At Our Center in Pacific Palisades, or Online

Private Science Tutoring

Receive Private Tutoring In-Home, At Our Center in Pacific Palisades, or Online

Private Tutoring can be an educational lifeline for a student. Groza’s in-person and online tutoring services are designed to:


Reinforce Positive Work Habits and Confidence


Encourage Self Directed Learning


Improve Academic Performance

After School Tutoring: Class Specific

Is your student struggling in a specific area or course? Our science tutors are ready to help. Groza Learning Center offers course-specific tutoring in the following classes:

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Life Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • College Level Chemistry
  • College Level Biology
  • College Level Physics
  • And More

If your child’s course is not listed above, contact our office to see if we can match you with the right tutor.

Summer Bridge Program​

At Groza, we believe that science courses are one of the most important ones in our student’s academic growth. They provide a window into many different fields, while also providing the backbone for many higher-level classes. We want to make sure your student is fully equipped with key scientific concepts and skills, including experimental design, research methods, and data analysis, so that they can enjoy the fun of science, without getting bogged down with the nitty gritty that can make science a chore. In our summer bridge program, we make sure to equip your child with the necessary knowledge and tools to succeed in their upcoming science courses, with a curriculum specifically tailored to your child’s needs.

Advanced Research Intensive

For the aspiring scientist or up and coming researcher, we provide a special program designed to develop advanced scientific knowledge and strategies that can be used in the classroom and beyond! Our experienced tutors take our students and lead them through a special curriculum, where we teach them how to conduct research, design scientific experiments and models, and how to work in a lab setting. If you’re looking to take your child to the next step, this program is for you!