The Impact of Executive Functioning Tutoring in School and Beyond

Executive Functioning Tutoring & Skill Training

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Does your child struggle with keeping their folders, materials, and homework organized? 

Does your child find it challenging to start tasks or projects independently?

Does your child wait until the last minute to get started, and then have a hard time maintaining motivation & focus?

Does your child have difficulty managing their time effectively, leading to challenges in meeting deadlines?

If your child is experiencing any of these challenges, they are likely struggling with Executive Functioning skills. Having your child participate in an executive functioning program will offer invaluable benefits that will equally support their academic success and personal development.

What is Executive Functioning and
How can it Help Your Child?

Executive functioning skills are critical cognitive processes that allow your child to plan, organize, manage time, set goals, solve problems, and regulate emotions. These skills play a crucial role in your children’s ability to learn, succeed in school, and function effectively in daily life.

Many children struggle with executive functioning skills, leading to difficulties with:

Lacking these skills can negatively impact your child’s daily life, academic performance, social relationships, and overall well-being.

Groza Learning Center’s Executive Functioning Tutoring Program

In our executive functioning tutoring program, your child will learn a variety of skills and strategies that will target their specific areas of difficulty. Available in-person or online.

Here are some common topics and areas of focus covered: 

Your child can be more independent, self-confident, and successful in their academic and personal life.

Our Executive functioning program will provide personalized strategies, and foster self-awareness, empowering your child to overcome challenges and unlock their full potential.