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Transform Your Child's Reading Abilities

At Groza, our reading program provides individualized instruction that is tailored to your child’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses, allowing them to receive the support and guidance they need to succeed.

Is your child struggling with Reading? Do you see any of these signs indicating your child might be struggling?

  • Difficulty recognizing and sounding out words
  • Slower reading pace than their peer
  • Difficulty comprehending what they are reading
  • Avoiding reading or being reluctant to engage in activities that involve reading
  • Become frustrated with themselves and have low confidence in their reading skills
  • Poor spelling and writing skills can often be related to struggles with reading
  • Learning differences such as Dyslexia, processing disorders, or ADHD

How can a Groza Reading Tutoring Program Help?

The goal of our reading tutoring program is to help all children improve their reading skills and achieve their full potential as readers.

We accommodate various learning differences and all learning styles and will establish specific objectives for your child’s reading program with you.  Here are common outcomes of our reading tutoring program:

  • Improve Reading Fluency
  • Enhance Reading Comprehension
  • Build Vocabulary
  • Develop Phonics and Decoding Skills

Unlock their Love for Reading

A Love for Reading

Research shows that improved reading skills can have a positive impact on overall academic performance.  At Groza, we also believe that a love of reading is possible when we introduce your child to engaging, and age-appropriate literature while encouraging and building their reading skills. Groza’s expert instructors have a variety of tools and strategies to make learning to read fun.  Through engaging expressions and reading experiences, interactive games, and visual aids – your child will love this process.

Start with A Reading Assessment

Reading assessments at Groza help us understand your child’s reading comprehension and reading fluency.  It will allow us to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their reading skills.

Our education team will take this valuable information and build an individualized reading tutoring program for your child, ensuring we target areas for improvement and build on existing strengths.

Unlock the Power of Reading!

“My children loved their classes with Groza so much that I’m continuing. I’ve never seen them so excited to learn and the structure is perfect. I have peace knowing that my kids are not falling behind.”

Los Angeles, CA parent

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Our Instructors are highly experienced and hand-picked with your child in mind.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents