5 Ways to Boost School Success in the New Year

5 Ways to Boost School Success in the New Year

As students return from winter break and begin to settle back into an academic routine, there is always hope that the holidays provided ample time to relax and recharge so that the new year kicks off with a renewed sense of academic motivation. Although a highly motivated student is much more likely to achieve performance gains than their less-motivated counterparts, enhanced motivation is just one way to boost school success throughout the year.

Families and students interested in discovering additional methods for ensuring academic success should consider each of the five strategies that follow, as each strategy is especially useful in the development of a comprehensive and results-oriented approach to improved performance across all academic subjects.

An Increased Focus on Competency-Based Learning

Competency-based learning encourages a flexible approach to education in which learning goals are specifically structured according to each individual student’s current academic strengths and weaknesses. In essence, this is a more personalized approach that emphasizes academic progress based on the unique needs of each student, resulting in a greater degree of success for those exposed to a competency-based learning style.

Improved Access to Relevant Technological Tools

Although technology has always played a critical role in education, current students have a greater need than ever before to be exposed to the most current technological tools. Improved access to these tools is especially helpful in developing the technological literacy necessary for success at institutions of higher learning as well as any future professional environment.

One-on-One or Small-Group Educational Settings

In the same way that competency-based learning emphasizes a highly personalized approach to education, the availability of one-on-one or small-group learning settings ensures that each student’s specific academic needs are properly addressed in a manner that yields measurable results.

Implementation of Specific Test-Taking Strategies

Simply mastering the content expected to appear on an upcoming exam will not necessarily guarantee a student will achieve a score that is reflective of their actual level of academic mastery. This is especially true in high-stress circumstances such as midterms, finals, and standardized tests. In addition to content mastery, students should learn how to implement a wide range of test-taking strategies that help ensure they perform to the best of their ability.

Consistent Academic Support From Multiple Sources

Students often perform at their best when they can count on the support of educational professionals as well as friends and family. Cultivating multiple sources of academic support — current teachers, tutors, family members, classmates, and others — ensures that a student always has someone to whom they can turn for academic guidance, which can have an obvious and significant impact on academic success.

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