Ace Your State Tests with Groza’s Ultimate Strategy

Ace Your State Tests with Groza’s Ultimate Strategy

State tests are an important part of our education system, and are designed to measure your child’s proficiency in various subjects and provide insights into their academic progress.

While tests like the SBAC, AP’S, CAST, CAASPP can be stressful for your child…


Groza Test Prep Programs provide one-on-one tutoring sessions with our expert instructors that will empower your child to feel prepared, confident and excel in their state exams.


Our instructors will help your child get used to the question types, time limits, and scoring criteria used on the state tests.


Our Test Prep programs start with practice exams, which provide our education team with information about your child’s knowledge on the subjects, and identify areas for improvement, so we can build an individualized program to maximize their scores.


Learn to effectively manage your time during the exam with the help of our instructors. In order to answer all questions in the allotted time, we offer advice on how to pace yourself, how much time to devote to each section, and how to manage time efficiently.


The pressure to perform well, combined with the high stakes of these exams, can cause your child to feel anxious, stressed, and overwhelmed. Fortunately, we can provide strategies and resources to help your child manage test anxiety and perform at their best.  To learn more about our Test Anxiety Program.

Our award-winning Test Prep Program can become your child’s personal guide to help them achieve their academic hopes and dreams.