Can Academic Assessments Evaluate Learning Loss?

Can Academic Assessments Evaluate Learning Loss?

As a parent, I am worried about my children, their education, and our future.

The pandemic has shaken the education system at all levels; consequently, many children will be completing this school year with a gap in their fundamental learning.

COVID-19 has transformed our learning paradigm; in 2020, nearly 50 million public school students and many private school students were required to shift to distance learning.

Unfortunately, politicians, school districts, teachers, students, and parents lacked the basic infrastructure to support the immediate change needed for at-home learning. These challenges have stretched into 2021, and we find ourselves still searching for answers.

The Importance of Academic Assessments:

Remote learning has increased the school districts and parent’s concern of  wide-spread learning loss for students.  It is not surprising that learning loss has become a daily topic in mainstream media and amongst concerned  parents. It is a daily conversation in my household as well.

If you are like me, you feel left in the dark and are constantly worrying if your child  is struggling or falling behind. Do you really know what material they have covered, if they have retained the information or hit the benchmarks?  If you have questions or concerns consider having them take an academic assessment.  As a mom, the information I received  was VERY helpful to me because I could understand what each of my children needs to concentrate in order to rebuild their educational foundation. Grade level assessments are essential for evaluating learning (gains and losses) and critical for long-term education and career success.  Once my kids completed their assessments, I sat down with the director at Groza Learning Center who reviewed the assessment results and gave me valuable feedback.  After our meeting, the director sent me the results and curated an individualized learning plan designed for each of my children’s specific needs.  As the old saying goes, a solid house must be built on a solid foundation.  We had a plan and it made me feel so relieved to know that I can now take actions to ensure that my children are not part of the glooming “zoomed out by distant learning” statistic.

 Summertime Programs Can Help Bridge the Learning Gaps

Summer Learning Camps

Summertime academic programs and camps can address and repair the foundation’s cracks by bridging the learning gaps, helping students get motivated, rebuilding their confidence, and find joy in learning, resulting in fast, lasting, and successful outcomes.  I enrolled my children in the summer program at Groza and I can finally breath knowing that they will receive the individualized attention and that their academic weaknesses will be addressed and strengthened.

With just a few hours a week during the summer, intensive focus on academic skills with experienced teachers can significantly advance your child’s readiness for re-entry into the classroom and allow them to begin fall 2021 strong.

My family is thrilled to find Groza Learning Center Their attentive, caring,  professional staff, and their unique approach to every student have changed they way my children approach learning.

Groza is a place where students discover their academic gifts, learn to conquer scholastic            challenges, exercise their creativity, and bloom into their full potential.

Don’t compromise your child’s future because you didn’t know who to ask for help.

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