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Creative Writing Camp

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A Creative Writing Summer Camp, a fun and enriching experience for your youngster to develop and improve their writing skills, nurture creativity, boost their creativity, build their confidence, discover a passion, and make new friends.

Monday – Friday 9 am – 2 pm
June 12 – 23 (now closed)
July 17 – 28 (now closed)

Available to 3rd – 12th grade

*Space is limited, and program sells out quickly.

For ten wild, exciting days, your youngster will tap into their inner editor, let their imagination take over, and just create!

Develop Writing Skills: A Creative Writing Camp provides an opportunity for children to develop their writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and storytelling. Through writing exercises and workshops, they can improve their ability to express themselves clearly and effectively in written form.

Boost Creativity: Creative Writing Camps encourage children to think creatively and outside the box. They learn to come up with imaginative ideas, characters, and plotlines, which helps them develop their creativity and imagination.

Build Confidence: Writing can be intimidating for some children, but Creative Writing Camps provide a safe and supportive environment for them to express themselves. As they receive positive feedback and encouragement, their confidence in their writing abilities grows.

Discover a Passion: Creative Writing Camps expose children to different forms of writing, such as poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. This can help them discover a passion for writing and inspire them to pursue it further.

Make New Friends: Creative Writing Camps bring together like-minded children who share a love of writing. This can help children make new friends who have similar interests, which can be beneficial for their social development.

Don’t miss out on the summer adventure of a lifetime!

Boy Writing

“My children loved their classes with Groza so much that I’m continuing. I’ve never seen them so excited to learn and the structure is perfect. I have peace knowing that my kids are not falling behind.”

Los Angeles, CA parent

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Creative Writing Camp?
Groza’s Creative Writing Camp is a program designed to help children develop their writing skills and creativity through various activities and exercises. The program gives young writers the tools they need to take their writing from good to great. Students will spend five hours each day with our expert educators, who will guide them through every step of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to editing and revising.
Who can attend Creative Writing Camp?
The Creative Writing Camp is available to children between 3rd through 12th grades of all backgrounds, and levels of experience.
What can my child expect to learn at the Creative Writing Camp?
The curriculum of a kid's creative writing camp includes topics such as brainstorming, plot development, character building, descriptive writing, and editing. Students can also learn about different genres of writing, such as fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.
What are the benefits of attending a Creative Writing Camp?
Our Creative Writing Camp will provide numerous benefits, such as improving writing skills, developing creativity and imagination, building confidence in self-expression, and connecting with other young writers.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents