Credit Recovery Courses: A Solution for Students Who Have Fallen Behind

Credit Recovery Courses: A Solution for Students Who Have Fallen Behind

Get your child back on track with Groza’s


Build confidence, recover lost credits, and have your child graduate on time!


Groza’s Credit Recovery Courses Help Students Overcome Academic Obstacles and Reach Graduation Goals


Our credit recovery program is an alternate way to complete coursework. It is customized to meet your summer schedule and is available In-Center, In-Home or Online from anywhere in the world.


Build Confidence in Learning

Our 1:1 classes for credit provide an opportunity for your child to move at their own pace, with personalized guidance, ensuring they feel confident in their understanding of the material and inspire them to achieve academic success.

Graduate on Time

Courses may be taken for credit recovery by students who didn’t pass a course on their first attempt, those who want to retake a course for a better grade or students who have fallen short on credits needed to graduate. 

“Thank you for all your help and support. My son has been struggling in his math class all year long. He had failed both semesters. He thought he would not graduate with his peers. Groza has not only found him an amazing tutor, but he has passed the class and now says that he actually likes math.”

Los Angeles, CA parent

Not every student’s academic path is a straight one.

If your child is struggling or failing, they don’t have to fall behind any further.