19 May

Get Kids Excited About Writing


Now more than ever, we rely on our devices to keep us connected. They are the guardians of our emails, text messages, and social media, leaving us little reason to write letters. Will the art of letter writing become a thing of the past? Will our children experience the joy of picking out a beautiful piece of stationary, taking the cap off that favorite pen, gliding it smoothly across the page,  addressing the envelope, licking the stamp, dropping it in the mailbox, and patiently    waiting for a response?



In our fast-paced, instant gratification world, thoughts and feelings that were once expressed with words and sentences have been replaced by emoji’s and abbreviations. The quicker we can get things done, the better, because time is of the essence. Right? Most people would have answered yes until the coronavirus outbreak came along and shifted our paradigm. As a result, many of us have been forced to slow down and have found ourselves with a lot of extra time. Has anyone else been cleaning and finding old sentimental items like handwritten letters from the past?


Letter Writing

The ability to write a proper letter is still essential, and will never go out of style. Despite having technology at our fingertips, teaching children to write letters can be rewarding with many added benefits, and the best part is it will feel like Christmas morning when they receive a response.



The Benefits of Writing:

  • Improve communication skills
  • Enhances vocabulary and language skills
  • Penmanship
  • Builds concentration and focus
  • Self-expression
  • Critical Thinking
  • Planning
  • Organization
  • Taking pride in their creation
  • Imagination and Creativity

Here are some fun ideas for encouraging kids to write:

  • Let your child choose fun stationery, pens, and stickers
  • Go online and create personalized stamps
  • Write to a family member or a resident at a local retirement home
  • Find a pen pal in a different state or country
  • Send thank-you letters to your local heroes (frontline workers, grocery store clerks, police officers, firefighters, etc.)
  • Write an editorial for a local newspaper or magazine
  • Write a letter and create a time capsule

Groza’s Creative Writing Program:

Our program focuses on developing your idea for a story while you choose a format that suits your style. We will brainstorm and outline, develop characters and plot, and try out twists and turns through activities designed to help you create a finished piece of writing.


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