How Can I Tutor My Child Online?

How Can I Tutor My Child Online?

How Can I Tutor My Child Online? That is the question many parents are asking right now. With school campuses closed and turning to online teaching, parents are turning to online tutors to help with the workload. Now, how do you find that fantastic qualified online tutor?

Here are a few things to consider in your search. Learning Centers, as opposed to individual private tutors, do the background checks and vetting of their tutors, so you don’t have to. They are already tried and tested. You’ll also want to keep in mind what type of student your child is and what kind of teaching works best for them. For example, are they gifted, do they have some learning difference, or are they smart but struggling? You’ll want to make sure your tutor and their resources can create a customized plan for your child. For example, look for 1:1 online instruction that ensures that your child can move at their own pace, their individual needs will be addressed, and subsequently, they will rock their best results. 

Consider the Groza Learning Center, which has developed an award-winning, online tutoring program for students from Pre-K all the way to the college level. They provide each student with an individualized tutoring plan that focuses on his or her personality, strengths, learning style, and growth areas. They have been successfully using their system for 17 years. That’s an excellent track record!

In addition, the Groza Learning Center is offering free online tutoring for children of our superheroes in the healthcare industry, doctors, nurses, and all the hospital workers on the front line. We are in awe of their dedication and grateful for all their hard work.

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