How Much Is Online Tutoring?

How Much Is Online Tutoring?

When it comes to hiring an online tutor, there is a myriad of options, so it should come as no surprise that pricing varies depending on your child’s specific academic needs. Tutoring rates are based on professional experience and qualifications, where you live, and the complexity of the subject matter. 

On average, an online tutor starts at $95, but if you are looking for the most highly qualified, you should prepare to pay more for experienced and educated instructors. Tutors who are proven to be the most successful not only have the educational chops, but they have a passion for teaching and the personality to connect and engage with their students. The best can transform what they know in a way that makes it accessible to your child, and adapt their tutoring to the individual needs of your student.

The Groza Learning Center has one-to-one online teaching that is live, interactive, and engaging. Groza can help your student finish out the school year by empowering them with the tools they need to learn productively and confidently. Their program is for a limited time only, and only $48.

In addition, Groza is offering free tutoring for children of our superheroes in the healthcare industry, doctors, nurses, and all the hospital workers on the front line. We are so in awe of their dedication and grateful for all their hard work.

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