How To Transition From Traditional School To Homeschool

How To Transition From Traditional School To Homeschool

  • August 25th
  • 2 years ago
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One of the biggest hurdles that parents worry about is how to move their child from a traditional school format and environment to a homeschool program. But after this past year, more parents than ever before were questioning traditional school methods and whether the conventional curriculum is truly supportive. Transitioning from a public-school model to private homeschooling is not as difficult as parents may fear. In fact, parents and caregivers are often only sorry they did not make the transition sooner. Let’s explore some of the factors involved in moving from a traditional to a homeschool model. 

Covid safety in the face of uncertainty 

Unfortunately, Covid continues to be a safety issue for many communities. For those students and families with young children who cannot yet receive the vaccine and those who are immunocompromised, a traditional school setting could be dangerous. In addition, as the Delta variant surges, there is increasing uncertainty surrounding the delivery method of traditional schooling. This uncertainty creates instability for families and critical gaps in education. The way traditional education attempted virtual instruction did not work for many children, who could not remain engaged in class. Often the quality of the virtual education depended on how invested the teacher was–and in too many cases, this led to children falling through the cracks. Well-rounded and targeted homeschooling programs like Groza Academy integrate individualized curricula that move with the child at their pace. Instructors work one-on-one or in small group settings, unlike cattle-call Zooms filled with 30+ distracted children. 

No hidden agenda, just learning 

Far too often, parents learn the hard way that many classrooms are not bias-free. Unfortunately, many teachers must deal with the whims of changeable school boards or local governments. This often results in inconsistent policies that inhibit classroom learning. The teachers themselves may consciously or unconsciously have a bias that interferes with the student’s educational progress. Moving to a homeschool environment eliminates that worry. Parents and caregivers can create a space that focuses solely on the learning process. 

 Homeschooling for greater freedom and flexibility 

More families than ever before have a parent or family member working remotely or in a job that requires travel. Transitioning to a homeschool program like Groza Academy can provide consistent, quality education without the disruptions the child would experience if attempting to remain in a traditional school. Many families have found that finally moving to a homeschool program opened doors for their families, giving them the freedom to travel and work from anywhere in the world without compromising on their child’s educational needs

You CAN do this!

If you have considered making a move from traditional school to homeschooling or become dissatisfied with the lack of attention and progress when it comes to your child, you are not alone, and you do have a better option. You can transition to a homeschool program successfully. See how Groza Academy can create a customized plan for your child. You don’t have to settle for traditional school–get a FREE Education Plan Consultation. You’ll wonder why you waited. Call Groza Academy at (310)454-3731, or text your questions to (424)231-5197.