Benefits Of Homeschooling to Improve Your Child’s Learning Experience

Benefits Of Homeschooling to Improve Your Child’s Learning Experience

  • August 25th
  • 2 years ago
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The Unexpected Homeschool Experience

This past year was unlike any other for families. Parents with younger children in traditional schools found themselves scrambling to adjust to having children attend school virtually at home. This was the first experience of homeschooling for many parents, younger kids and high school students, and the sudden transition to learning outside the public and private school setting was very stressful. 

Parents and students were used to traditional schooling structures and all that accompanies them. Becoming used to receiving instruction within the home was new, and few were adequately prepared.

Poor Outcomes

Parents found that, more often than not, the hastily rolled out curricula their children received from their high school were poorly adapted for home learning, and were difficult for children to follow. In fact, the sudden shift to at-home learning in the last year cost some students dearly—these students essentially lost on average five months of learning.

Homeschooling Can Be So Much More!

What if there was a way to turn learning at home into a positive experience? Well, there is a better way.

While trying to make poorly-designed distance learning programs work at home left a sour taste in many parents’ mouths, those who chose homeschool education programs like Groza Learning Center saw their children move from surviving to thriving in at-home schooling.

The type of program Groza Learning Center offers homeschoolers is entirely different to the haphazard way public schools operated virtually. Groza Learning Center has created a carefully curated program with a focus on personalized education. With Groza Learning Center, parents can rest assured, knowing their children can choose 1:1 live classes that they can attend in-person or online, that are adapted to their learning styles.

And for the students? Students at Groza Learning Center benefit from learning in a safe space from a flexible and accredited program.

If you want to learn more about homeschooling your child, read our FAQs below.


Q – What are the benefits of homeschooling?

A – There are many benefits of homeschooling for students. Here is a list of some.

  • Homeschooled children can learn at their own pace. Rather than rushing key learnings to fit a traditional schooling model, homeschooled kids can take the time they need to learn—until the information slots in comfortably.

    Being pressured to learn at the same pace as peers can get in the way of learning and may decrease a child’s confidence. Learning at a pace that suits the student is far more beneficial.
  • Studies show that many homeschool students consistently score above their public school peers on standardized testing. Often parents find their students struggle in public school, only to see the same students excel academically with an organized homeschool program–and that academic success is more likely to carry them through to completion of a college degree.
  • Some students with special needs and/or learning difficulties like ADHD/ADD struggle with the transition from public school to college. They may do really well on their SAT scores, but after leaving the structure of traditional schooling, they may find it difficult to achieve goals when left to their own devices.

    Having the experience of homeschooling, and having support and coaching on executive functioning skills from homeschooling teachers and homeschooling parents, better prepares students for the rigors of college.

    Homeschooling is also better when it comes to assisting students of varying learning capacities and styles–whether they be gifted children, students with learning differences, and students that struggle with executive functioning. In a homeschooling setting, the time is available to identify learning needs, and support students of varying learning styles and special needs.
Q – Won’t homeschooling be detrimental to my child’s social skills?

A – One big myth about homeschooling is that children won’t develop the social skills needed to succeed beyond the academic realm. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Homeschooled children grow up to be adults who are more likely to: 

  • Score higher on indices rating self-esteem and personal security 
  • Have lower rates of anxiety 
  • Vote and volunteer in their communities 
  • Experience more effective and high-quality social interactions.

In studies, homeschool students showed far fewer antisocial traits than students attending public schools. 

When deciding on homeschooling your child, the key is selecting a program that grows and flexes with the student and integrates wraparound academic and social care. During these vital K-12 years, providing the right opportunities can provide students with all the tools they need to succeed, no matter what life brings.

In addition, at Groza Learning Center, homeschool socialization is integrated into our program, so your child has plenty of opportunity to engage with other homeschooled children. It’s also worth noting that with an effective homeschool education program that is schedule-flexible, your child may have more time up their sleeve to become involved in extra-curricular activities like sports, the arts, and community service, where they can meet other kids their age in more neutral territory than in the schoolyard.

Q – Why choose to be a homeschooling family?

A – There are many reasons why parents choose homeschooling for their kids.

  • Some parents had a poor experience in public schooling themselves and would like a different model for their child’s education. They see that home education offers pros that traditional schooling does not. 
  • Some parents are concerned their child will not be provided with adequate safety and protection in a public school, especially in light of media reports of school shootings and  bullying. 
  • Parents of special needs kids may have already realised that homeschooling has unique pros when it comes to meeting their child’s educational needs. 
  • Some parents with young children are still undecided about whether or not they want to follow a homeschool curriculum, or if they want to opt for traditional schooling. They may choose to start their kids off as homeschoolers, and leave the decision about homeschooling through high school for later.
  • Some parents may need to work from home, and may find there are benefits of home schooling. They can plan their days better, rather than following an unrelenting schedule of public school. Also, their homeschooled kids don’t have to rush in the mornings and commute to and from school. That time can instead be spent on their homework, leisure activities, and quality family time.
  • Some parents may need to live or work far from any public or private schools, and distance learning may be the only option available. In these circumstances, they may choose to become a homeschooling family, as the pros of homeschooling are so great. They are able to move wherever their careers take them, without interrupting their child’s education.
Q – Will the education my child receives in a homeschooled environment be equal to that obtained by students in traditional schooling?

A – Yes! At Groza Learning Center, we offer a K-12 homeschool curriculum that is fully accredited and also flexible enough to ensure that your child’s learning needs are met. It includes all the required fields of study that exist in the public school system, and then you and your child can pick and choose learning modules based on interest.

We are homeschooling pros and are here to ensure that your child’s hard work is recognized and that their individual academic needs are catered for. We believe that homeschooling kids is the best way for children to learn. Our aim is to ensure your child can progress confidently through their homeschooled student years through to higher education and the workplace.

Q – Is Groza Learning Center the right homeschool solution for our child?

A – We believe we can help any child reach their potential, no matter the circumstances. If you’d like to discuss your particular situation with us, the team at Groza Learning Center will listen to your story and goals, and work to understand your child’s unique needs. 

When it comes to your child’s learning experience, you do not have to settle. We know it can be scary to try something new, but we truly believe in providing an educational opportunity that fosters growth and prepares your child for lifelong success. 

Because we feel so strongly about this, we offer a free Education Plan Consultation. To get your child started on the path to success, call Groza Learning Center at (310) 454-3731 to chat with us, or text us with questions at (424) 231-5197 and one of our homeschool co-ordinators will get back to you.

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