Maintaining wellness is essential to being a happy, successful student.

Mindful Movement Program

Private Tutoring can be an educational lifeline for a student. Groza’s in-person and online tutoring services are designed to:


Reinforce Positive Work Habits and Confidence


Encourage Self Directed Learning


Improve Academic Performance

Mindfulness activities have huge benefits for children. Our Mindful Movement Program uses deep breathing, movement, focus and relaxation techniques to promote positive coping and self-regulation as well as improve focus and concentration, which can benefit their academic performance.


School is stressful. The increasing pressures of balancing school, extracurricular activities, and
technology are a recipe for anxiety. Your student may suffer from academic anxiety if they…

  • Express hesitation about attending school or try to avoid going to school
  • Become overly critical of themselves when they get a bad grade
  • Feel overwhelmed by their academic responsibilities
  • Regularly procrastinate homework, projects, or studying


Our one-of-a-kind Mindfulness Program helps your student approach school with a balanced, healthy mindset. Taught by a certified Yoga Instructor, this course will combine elements of Yoga, mindful movement, and personal reflection to eliminate academic anxiety.

Maintaining wellness is essential to being a happy, successful student. This program can be taken alone, or in conjunction with the Test Anxiety Program to ensure that your student is ready to tackle any academic hurdle while maintaining their mental and physical health.

Anxiety isn’t just inconvenient, it is detrimental to your child’s academic and emotional well- being. If you believe your child may be suffering from academic anxiety, please reach out and let's see if the Mindful Movement Program is right for them.


Students who suffer from academic anxiety often have lower grades, poor performance on standardized tests, and unhealthy attitudes about school and learning. Your child needs your help to ensure they are approaching their academic life in a sustainable and effective way. Our Mindful Movement program will give your child very important life skills that can help them succeed in the world. Our Front Office Staff can answer any questions you may have as you begin the journey to raising an academically balanced student.

Our Test Anxiety Program is the solution you have been looking for.

Children who participate in a Test Anxiety Program can learn valuable skills to manage their anxiety and stress, which can have a positive long-term impact on their mental health and well-being.

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Groza Academy’s one-on-one education solution will give your child a new approach to learning. Our fully accredited private school will provide an individualized program that gives your child the best chance at success.