Personalized Education: Homeschooling for Your Child’s Success

Personalized Education: Homeschooling for Your Child’s Success

Personalized Education: Homeschooling Done Right

Homeschool has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional schooling, offering families a unique opportunity to shape their children’s education. This option opens the door for customized learning experiences, with academic, social, and emotional benefits for our children.


Today’s homeschooling has expanded beyond its original definition of solely a parent-led, home-based education.  In today’s landscape, new homeschool models can be with instructors or parents, and be virtual, in-person, or hybrid at a traditional school, private academy, or of course at home.  


Additionally, the educational philosophies, approaches, and curricula available now give families even more opportunities to individualize their children’s learning experience.   From Unschooling, the Charlotte Mason Method to Religious or Faith-Based programs, choosing the right homeschool program for your family can feel like a HUGE undertaking.

Simply put homeschool programs offer the ability to tailor the curriculum, teaching methods, and schedule. This approach to schooling recognizes the specific learning style and pace of learning of each child. As the Director of Groza Learning Center Tatyana Yukhtman says, “Every student can learn. Just not on the same day or in the same way.”

According to the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), homeschooled students typically score 15 to 25 percentile points above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests.   


At Groza, we believe that the one-on-one instruction method and an individualized approach are why homeschooled students are excelling. These children have more opportunities to actively participate in discussions, ask questions, and receive immediate feedback, which enhances their learning experience, ensures an optimal learning environment, and allows for mastery of the subject.

For over 20 years Groza Learning Center has been creating individualized programs to provide students with a deeper understanding of the material and to build confidence by working at the child’s pace and within their learning style.

Groza’s homeschool program has been giving families with students K through 12th grade an alternative to traditional education. Parents have the freedom to choose the courses, materials, and resources that align with their worldview in a safe and nurturing learning environment.

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