The Success Behind Groza’s Test Prep Tutoring

The Success Behind Groza’s Test Prep Tutoring



Test Prep That Works!



Why Does Test Prep at Groza Work?

One of the key reasons why our test prep tutoring is highly effective is our ability to provide personalized learning experiences. Unlike traditional classrooms or group programs that cater to a diverse group of students, Groza test prep tutoring focuses on your child’s individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses. 


Starting with a practice test allows our education team to assess your child’s specific areas of improvement and tailor the instruction accordingly. This personalized attention allows us to address your child’s unique challenges, so they grasp concepts more effectively, and optimize their learning experience and their scores.

95% of Groza students get accepted into the school of their choice. Here’s why:


Groza’s test prep programs offer a comprehensive content review, to ensure every child has a solid understanding of the material covered on the exam. Your child’s instructor will guide them through the essential concepts, theories, formulas, and vocabulary relevant to the test necessary to fill the learning gaps in the concepts and material covered on the exam. This targeted instruction will enhance your child’s understanding, enable them to retain information more effectively, and improve their performance.


Our tutors possess extensive knowledge of the test format, question types, and scoring systems. Providing valuable insights to your child, teaches them  how to approach different sections of the exam strategically, optimizing  engagement, time-management and a question-by-question approach.


Test anxiety is a common hurdle that can hinder your child’s performance. Our test prep tutoring program helps alleviate this anxiety by building confidence. Through practice tests and constructive feedback highlighting areas for improvement and reinforcing strengths. The results provide confidence, enabling your child to tackle the exam with a positive mindset and a belief in their abilities.

“I was using a private tutor but then switched to Groza for our 8th grader and her ISEE prep. HUGE difference in approach. They quickly ascertain areas of weakness and dive in to fully support. The test strategies they taught her made her next ISEE test score GREATLY improve. We are so proud of our daughter but also attribute it to the team at Groza.”

– G B.