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Groza's Credit Recovery Summer Program Can Get Your Child Back On Track

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Not Every Student's Academic Path Is A Straight One.

If Your Child Is Struggling Or Failing, They Don't Have To Fall Behind.

Get Them Back On Track With Groza's Credit Recovery Classes

It Will Give Them:


An Alternative Way To Complete Coursework


1:1 Teaching Geared To Their Specific Learning Abilities


An Opportunity To Work At Their Own Pace

We were very worried our son wouldn't graduate. Groza gave him a second chance. Now he will graduate, and move on with his peers.

A Grateful Parent

Summer Learning Is A Great Way To Grab A Second Chance

Graduate On Time

Making up lost credits during the summer will help your student to graduate on time and with their peers. So they won’t lose a year of post-secondary education.

Work It In Around Summer Plans

Groza’s credit recovery program is flexible and can be taken online, in-center, or at home. So your summer plans don’t need to be interrupted and your child can still work if they need to.

Our daughter desperately wanted to graduate with her friends. Groza helped make that happen for her. She graduated on time and will attend University next year.

A Relieved Parent

Academic Redemption Is Just 3 Steps Away

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Clear The Path To A Brighter Future

Recovering Academic Credits Leads To A Successful Future.

  • Improces Transcripts
  • Prevents Quitting
  • Builds Confidence
  • Offers Continued Opportunities

Unsure If Groza's Credit Recovery Program Is Right For Your Child?

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