The Importance of an Academic Summer Program

The Importance of an Academic Summer Program

An academic summer program might sound boring to many students, after all who would want to study during their summer vacation? Luckily, this program is not just about nose to the books learning.  In addition to avoiding” summer learning loss” students acquire skills and tools to start the new school year off strong, students can explore their creativity, build their confidence, and explore their unique learning styles.  Summer learning programs will prepare students for future academic years, as well as giving them a foundation for their career-related endeavors.  So what’s the harm in attending an academic summer programs?

If you have contemplated enrolling your student in a summer learning program but are on the fence here are some reasons you may want to consider it.

4 Benefits of Summer Learning:academic summer program

1. Expands A Student’s Knowledge and Skills

An academic summer program gives students the opportunity to work on projects in groups while, simultaneously teaching them new tools and giving them new skills to enhance their team-building and communication skills.  At Groza Learning Center, we have curated a Young Entrepreneur Program that teaches students how to develop, create, and become leaders in business and life.  These practical and valuable life skills empower students and give them the confidence they need to navigate higher studies as well as the real world.

2. Bridges the Gap Between Virtual and In-Person Learning

Over the past year due to the emergence of the coronavirus, all learning was conducted virtually.  Many students and teachers were unprepared for this change, which caused a lot of stress for all parties involved.  Students began to tune out, lose motivation, and were falling behind. This year students are not only facing “Summer Learning Loss” but are also dealing with “COVID Learning Loss”.  Attending an academic summer program will help bridge the learning gaps created during those zoom sessions and make re-entry to in-person learning easier.

Academic summer programs will help children stay focused and prepare them for their next academic year. Just a few hours a week can help students stay on track and get ahead, so that they can begin the next academic year off strong.

3. Improves Social Skills

There is no doubt that in the past year, maintaining and building social skills has been difficult.  Research has shown that social interaction is a crucial component for healthy child development.  Due to the virus most children have missed a year of developing this important building block. If your child is struggling to make new friends or is having a hard time re-connecting with old ones, an academic summer program will help them transition back to in-person learning.

4.Encourages Exploring New Interests

Many students, especially those in high school, have a tough time honing in on and choosing a field of study that will help them in their career. It is okay for students not to know exactly which career path they are interested in, through an academic summer program they may discover new skills and interests that can help them focus on their path.


Now that you are aware of the importance of an academic summer program, it is time for parents and students to find the right programs and enroll in before the summer gets away.