Thrive Quiz Completion

Thrive Quiz Completion


You are a

You are a Visual Learner

If you are mostly a VISUAL LEARNER, you learn best by seeing. That means that looking at words or

pictures works great for you. When thinking back in your memory, you probably see the words on a page or

images from events. Sometimes, just hearing something out loud doesnt get it all the way into your brain.

As a visual learner, you are usually neat and clean. Do you often close your eyes while you recall

something? That might be because you are trying to see the information! You may have difficulty with

spoken directions and may be easily distracted by sounds. You are attracted to color and to spoken

language (like stories) that is rich in imagery.

Here are some things that visual learners like you can do to learn better:

  • Sit near the front of the classroom. (It won’t mean you’re the teacher’s pet!)
  • Write down lots of notes in your own words and refer back to them while studying.
  • Rewrite information over and over again to help you memorize.
  • Draw diagrams and maps to connect ideas.
  • Use lots of different color highlighters to color code and flashcards to learn new words.
  •  Try to visualize things that you hear or things that are read to you.
  • Write down key words, ideas, or instructions.
  • Make sure your study and homework space is free from distractions – don’t let your siblings walk through while your working, and leave your phone elsewhere.
  • Box, circle, underline, or star information that is important so you can easily see it on the page and in your mind’s eye later.
 Remember that you need to see things, not just hear things, to learn well.

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