With Tutoring

Learning Possibilities
Are Endless

With Tutoring

Learning Possibilities
Are Endless

With Tutoring

Learning Possibilities
Are Endless

Tutoring Is An Educational Lifeline For A Student


Reinforces Positive Work Habits and Confidence


Encourages Self Directed Learning


Improves Academic Performance

Tutoring At Groza Gives Your Child A Personalized Learning Plan That Works With Your Schedule.

Tutoring Services Are Available 1:1, and For Groups

Online, In-Home and In-Center

Serving: PreK-12, college-level courses, including AP classes and Honors courses.

All Subject Tutoring

When it comes to tutoring and academic advancement, Groza goes far beyond simply finding the correct answer. We seek to enhance, and even entirely reshape how a student thinks about each subject. We work with families to identify learning objectives and hit their goals.

Because every student learns differently, we carefully monitor and optimize their unique learning plan as they advance, giving special attention to their unique learning style, how to effectively engage and inspire the student, and what the individual progress suggests moving forward.

At Groza, we provide tutors to help your child excel in core subjects — reading tutors, writing tutors, math tutors, science tutors, and humanities tutors. We also provide private tutors to assist in more specific subjects such as:

  • Biology Tutors
  • Chemistry Tutors
  • Physics Tutors
  • Pre-Algebra Tutors
  • Algebra Tutors
  • Geometry Tutors
  • Pre-Calculus Tutors
  • Calculus Tutors
  • Statistics Tutors
  • Economics Tutors
  • US History Tutors
  • World History Tutors
  • And more — contact us to find the right tutoring solution for your child.
Tutoring With Management

As Groza's signature program, Tutoring With Management has been proven to be very effective in helping children learn autonomy, good decision making, and executive functioning skills at a high level. It is second to none and combines all the aspects of subject tutoring, plus a comprehensive accountability component that helps kids stay on track.

Reading Program

Reading Fluency (all ages)

We are experts in several reading curriculums, including Lindamood-Bell’s Seeing Stars ® curriculum for reading fluency. If your child struggles with issues such as fluency, decoding, and spelling, we have a great solution for them.

Our program is designed for children who are challenged in learning to read or are delayed in reaching their reading potential. Each session is full of stimulating exercises and games that make reading fun.

Reading Comprehension Intensive (all ages)

We also specialize in Lindamood-Bell’s Visualizing and Verbalizing® reading comprehension program. This program is for students who struggle to comprehend what they have read and/or to think critically about reading material.

Our Academic Instructors are trained to educate your child in the process of creating movies in their heads while reading, which allows them to remember details and think critically about what they’ve read.

Writing Program

Get your child excited about writing with fun, creative and interactive assignments. Developing strong writing skills will enable your child to think more critically about what they are learning and will allow them to organize their thoughts more clearly. This program will also help them to improve their handwriting (printing and cursive), grammar, creative writing, and academic writing.

Handwriting Help
We are proud to offer the leading, most renowned handwriting program available at Groza. It is offered for both printing and cursive writing. We diagnose specific handwriting issues, and then we target what your child needs to work on.

Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics: A Writing Course
In this program, your child will understand the basics of the English language to use it freely and accurately. Although the lessons include basic grammar, they also incorporate engaging writing assignments. Creative Writing Is there consistent dread each time there is a writing assignment? Your child will choose what to write, whether it is a short story, a small screenplay, a poem, or a magazine article. We will have a great time while learning the tricks and tips of creative writing.

Academic Writing
This program will walk your child through the basics of academic writing. Each student will learn how to properly write a literary analysis, a narrative, and opinion and argumentative essays. Students leave this course having mastered key concepts of writing at the highest level.
Math Program

Math concepts can not only be challenging to grasp, but they can also be boring to learn. This program is designed to help your child have fun learning math - Yes! Math can be fun! - and develop skills and strategies to build on what they’ve learned so they can move on to mastering more complex math functions. As with all Groza programs, they will have lessons aligned with their grade level ability enabling them to build confidence.

Foreign Language Program

If your child has an interest in learning a new language, exploring different cultures, or is driven to create greater opportunities for themselves than this program will give them a strong foundation for the foreign language of their choice.

Tutoring For Athletes

Having a child involved in sports can be an enriching and amazing experience. But it can also make juggling school work a challenge. In some ways, participating in sports while in school is similar to holding down two full-time jobs. This program is designed specifically to help driven athletes learn the time management, organizational, and planning tools they need to reach their full academic potential.

Executive Functioning

Every parent wants their child to be an accomplished learner. The best way to set them up for success is by helping them develop exceptional Executive Functioning skills. This program will teach them how to stay on task by developing new ways of thinking, habits, and routines that directly impact schoolwork and day-to-day living.

Credit Recovery Classes

Does your student need to catch up on lost courses or want to improve their grades? Groza’s credit recovery classes can help them to do both. Students enrolled in another school full-time may opt to take required or elective courses. This tutoring program is an excellent way for them to:

● Complete required coursework

● Get WASC accredited, UC & NCAA approved courses.

● Get 1:1 teaching

● Have the freedom to work at their own pace

Study Skills

Getting children to study can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. That’s because excellent study skills are rarely taught in school, yet are such a critical component of academic success. This program will give your student a set of skills and strategies that will create a desire within them to study. After learning critical steps to establishing good habits, and the correct way to study, they will become more invested and self-driven in their study times.

Advanced Placement

If your child is driven to be the best and likes to set the bar higher than their current academic level, Groza can enable them to master the concepts and strategies necessary to help them reach as far as they can go. They will learn how to maximize test scores and reduce their anxiety to become balanced and driven learners. With this tutoring program, they will be set up to succeed in college before they get there!

The list above gives an idea of the different programs offered but is not exhaustive. Please contact us to schedule a consultation so we can help you and your child advance on their educational journey.

Here’s How To Get Started With Tutoring

Schedule a consultation.
Set up an individualized educational learning path that inspires your child and matches their unique learning style and needs.
Watch your child thrive. Set up a strong foundation so they can succeed in life.

When You Choose Tutoring With Groza You Will:

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Schedule a consultation, and together we’ll design a learning plan with the best solutions for your child’s academic goals.