Why An Academic Coach Will Help Your Child Succeed

Why An Academic Coach Will Help Your Child Succeed

Parents are experiencing the negative impact learning disruptions over the past few years have caused for their children. In addition to seeing our students struggle with grade level skills, there are significant gaps in learning and subject matter that are causing children to feel frustrated or challenged at school.  

If you want your child to improve as a student, to help them build the foundational skills that will help them become a more effective and efficient student, one option you have is to hire an academic coach.

An academic coach is someone who specializes in teaching students’ effective methods of studying, time management, note-taking skills and executive functioning that are fundamental to a student’s lifelong academic success.

Your child will benefit greatly from working with an academic coach because they can get assistance with a wide range of tasks that are related to their learning process and learning style. Because of this, they are great for people who need help with more general things, like getting organized or making learning materials.

We’ve made a list of how an academic coach will help your child succeed.

Make a personalized learning strategy

Individual learning styles vary from one student to the next. Everyone is unique in their set of abilities, their way of thinking, and their capacity for new knowledge. It is possible that a student would benefit more from a program that offers tutoring in multiple subjects than one that focuses solely on one.

One possible solution to a student’s difficulties in geometry is to give them additional algebraic practice. Individualized instruction is the focus of an academic coach’s efforts.

An individualized approach means tailoring the lesson plan to meet the needs of each student who may have different learning styles and skill levels.

Use a flexible method of teaching

Teachers and professors must move on to the next topic by a certain date, even if not all their students have fully grasped the previous one. Academic coaches can pinpoint students’ knowledge gaps. It is their role to fill in the learning gaps.

The first step for an academic coach is to understand where the student is falling behind.  A good academic coach will spend time observing how well students are understanding the material and how much time they are spending on it. They will use this information to create a plan to help their students get back on track.

The coach’s job is not only to assist with understanding course materials but also with improving study habits and time management skills. Academic coaches provide an extra layer of support for students who are struggling with grades or other issues that may be affecting their ability to succeed academically.

Bridge of communication to everyone involved

The educational community is in an age of transition. Students are expected to know how to use various online portals and resources, and many educators use school email to communicate vital information to students. In addition, students are expected to keep track of other important dates, such as the date by which they must submit their college applications and take significant exams. That’s a lot of work!

Luckily, there is an easy way to streamline and organize the process: hire an academic coach.

An academic coach will help your student manage all the tasks associated with their education. They’ll help keep track of deadlines and organize information so that it’s easy to access what they need most.

Make certain that students are the priority

Academic coaches help students achieve academic success by getting to know your child’s unique needs and then providing support, guidance, and development. Academic coaches ensure that the student is organized at all times and help them focus on their studies by helping them develop strategies to overcome challenges such as procrastination and time management. This helps build confidence in students, who will no longer feel alone in their struggles with schoolwork, studying and exams.

Our Academic Coaches Can Help

At Groza Learning Center, we understand how hard it is for student’s today to keep their head above water, when they are drowning in homework, extracurricular activities, athletic programs, and social pressures.  

At Groza, we want to make sure your student has everything they need to succeed in class, school, and life.  That’s why we have hand-picked academic coaches who will teach your students how to stay on task by creating new ways of thinking, habits, and routines that directly impact schoolwork and day-to-day living.

Groza’s signature Academic Management program has been proven to be very effective in helping children learn autonomy, sound decision-making, and executive functioning skills at a high level. It is second to none with its comprehensive accountability component that helps kids stay on track.  

Our Academic Coaches are experts who have been hand selected to provide the absolute best result for your child.  

Your child’s K-12 years are incredibly important to their academic development and their overall development in life. Contact Groza Learning Center to learn more about our Academic Management program online, in-center, or in-home.  Parents have trusted us for over 20 years!