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22 May

Yes, You Still Have to Take the SAT or ACT!

Because of the pandemic, many colleges nationwide have made the SAT and ACT optional for this year’s admissions. As colleges came online during the spring and are still making plans for this fall, The Times  just reported that the UC system passed a proposal for the SAT and the ACT to be optional for the next two years and possibly entirely gone in four. Now, before your student starts jumping up and down with excitement, the truth is… they still have to prepare, study, and plan to take the SAT or ACT.

Arguments about these standardized tests have been going on for years, whether they are truly valuable in predicting college success. As the landscape keeps changing in college admissions requirements, it isn’t clear how many colleges will follow the UC plan. Although these tests may be considered “optional” for some colleges, this may not be true for the college your student is interested in applying.

According to The College Board website, they’ll be providing a digital remote version of the tests in case schools do not re-open to students on campus this fall. Now since students’ learning has gone virtual, prep and tutoring for the SAT and ACT are also up and running online to help your student prepare. The Groza Learning Center has an incredible staff that can help you navigate this journey!

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