Young Novelist: A Summer Writing Workshop

Young Novelist: A Summer Writing Workshop

Summer programs offer students an excellent opportunity to explore subjects that interest them, build valuable skills, and meet like-minded peers.  Giving your child the chance to explore their love of writing can help them discover their full creative potential and find a passion that will last a lifetime.

Groza Learning Center’s Young Novelist Summer Writing Workshop is more than just a writing class—it’s a chance for your child to tap into their creativity and let their imagination run wild.  What’s more, the fun doesn’t stop when the workshop ends. The Young Novelist is just the beginning of unlocking your child’s writing prowess.

What is the Young Novelist Summer Writing Workshop?

Young Novelist is a fun, empowering approach to creative writing. The challenge: draft an entire novel in just 10 days.  This program, for children grades 3 through 11 provides a fast-paced and exciting environment that is sure to inspire and motivate young writers. It is an excellent opportunity for children to explore their love of writing and unleash their inner novelists.  

Why Should My Child Participate in the Young Novelist Summer Writing Workshop?

The Young Novelist workshop was designed to be fun and empowering while helping children to believe in their ideas and stories. With the support of experienced writing coaches, your child will have the chance to develop their skills and grow as a writer in a supportive and collaborative environment.  It is a perfect opportunity to help your children develop the confidence and skills they need to succeed as writers.

What Can My Child Expect from the Young Novelist Workshop?

For 10 wild, exciting and surprising days, children get to lock away their inner editor, letting their imagination take over and just create. With the support of writing coaches, young novelists will bring their novels to life – while making new friends and being part of a community of young writers.

What Happens After the Young Novelist Workshop?

The Young Novelist workshop is just the beginning of your child’s writing journey. Upon completion of the program, they’ll have the chance to continue improving their skills and sharing their work with family and friends. Many participants in the Young Novelist workshop go on to participate in other writing programs and workshops offered by Groza Learning Center, allowing them to continue honing their skills and exploring their creativity, and seeing their writing come to life in a tangible form.

How Can I Sign Up for the Young Novelist Workshop?

If you’re interested in signing up your child to be a Young Novelist, simply schedule a call by clicking here or emailing us at  Spots in the workshop are limited, so be sure to register early to secure your child’s spot. We can’t wait to see the amazing novels that your child will create!

By participating in the Young Novelist Summer Workshop, your child will have the chance to:

  • Work with experienced writing coaches who will provide guidance and support as they bring their novels to life.
  • Participate in fun and inspiring writing exercises that will help them tap into their creativity and find their voice.
  • Be part of a community of young writers and make new friends who share their passion for writing.
  • Explore their creative potential and discover their love of writing.
  • Have the opportunity to have their work published and see their writing come to life in a professionally printed and bound book.

In addition to receiving personalized instruction and feedback from the workshop instructors, students will also have the opportunity to engage with their peers and share their work with the group. This collaborative environment is not only a great way for students to get feedback and support from their fellow writers, but it is also a fantastic way for them to build confidence and develop their writing skills.

So don’t wait – sign up for the Young Novelist Writing Workshop at Groza Learning Center today and watch as your child’s writing blossoms.  With the right guidance and support, there’s no telling what they will be capable of achieving.

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