College Class of 2025

College Class of 2025

Did you know that this year’s applicant pool for the College Class of 2025 has been the most competitive in recent history.  With limited access to traditional extracurriculars such as sports and school clubs, prospective college students wondered – what will colleges expect from them?  College Admission

This year was all about student’s personal stories.  In addition to grades, colleges required compelling essays and videos that documented students’ growth, limitations, and lessons learned during COVID-19.

Strong writing and communication skills were a must for this year’s applicants.

Less academic pressure and commitments make summer a perfect time to brush up on essay writing and interview skills and give you an edge over the competition! 


  • Brown University: 5.4%
  • Columbia University: 4%
  • Dartmouth College: 6.17%
  • Harvard University: 3.4%
  • Princeton University: 4%
  • University of Pennsylvania: 5.68%
  • Yale University: 4.62%
  • MIT: 4%
  • Duke University: 5.76%
  • Johns Hopkins University: 6%
  • Vanderbilt University: 6.7%
  • Amherst College: 8%
  • Colby College:8%
  • Swarthmore College: 8%
  • Williams College: 8%
  • Rice University: 9.3 %
  • Barnard College: 10.4%
  • Tufts University: 11%
  • University of Southern California: 12%
  • Georgetown University: 12%
  • Boston College: 18.9%
  • NYU: 12.8%
  • Washington University: 13%
  • Colorado College: 14%
  • University of Notre Dame: 15%
  • Middlebury College: 15.7%
  • Wellesley College: 16%
  • Colgate University: 17%
  • UVA: 20.6% (17% out of state)
  • Georgia Tech: 18%
  • Boston University: 18.3%
  • Emory University: 20%
  • Bucknell University: 34%
  • Villanova University: 25%


Dear Class of 2025,

The Groza Team would like to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2025!  Your exceptional work, dedication, and grit during this very unusual time has paid off.  This year’s pandemic-fueled surge in applications translated into record-low acceptance rates for the country’s colleges.  In fact, this year’s applicant pool for the college Class of 2025 has been the most competitive in recent history.

The coronavirus pandemic has made in-person standardized testing difficult (if not impossible).  Therefore, most Colleges across the country made standardized tests optional — including all eight Ivy League schools and the entire University of California system.

We are very proud of you and we wish you continued success on your exciting journey!

The Groza Learning Center Team