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28 Sep

Let’s Get Real! Which School Does My Child Have A Chance To Attend?

It’s fall, and by now you’ve narrowed your list of schools to ones you’re interested in applying to. So, reality check! Now’s the time to step back and honestly evaluate which one is the best match for your child and which one does your child honestly have a chance for admittance.

Since no two schools are created equal, it’s critical to consider your child’s personality AND their academic record. Some kids will thrive in a more expressive, hands-on experiential education while others need a more structured setting. Knowing your kid’s learning strengths and weaknesses, your family’s goals and values, as well as cost, location, class and school size, are all part of the mix.

But reality check here, you also need to know what the school is looking for. For example, Harvard Westlake and Brentwood require near-perfect scores, so it doesn’t make sense to waste time or money if the grades aren’t there.

Help yourself ace this process. Go to the Open House tours so you can check out the vibe, the facilities, and meet the staff. Because families become part of the private school’s family, the school will want to get to know you as well.

And since this is an enormous decision for your entire family, here’s another reality check, you may want to get expert advice. When it comes to helping you with all aspects of this sometimes overwhelming process from mock interviews to practice tests, Groza Learning Center offers all the services you need to succeed.

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