Three SAT Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

Three SAT Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

  • July 11th
  • 4 years ago
  • SAT

The SAT is a complicated exam journey with numerous potholes on the way to eventual success. While most students have basic test-taking skills, this exam needs to have a strict and focused strategy to find the type of academic victory you’re looking for. Here are three tips the College Board won’t tell you about.

1. Don’t Flip Flop on Test Day

Many times students will read a question, figure out an answer, find their answer sheet, record it, go back to the question booklet and then repeat the formula until they’ve finished a section. While in theory, this seems the best route, a better way to save time is to mark answers in the test booklet, then flip to the answer sheet and mark down the correct multiple-choice answers quickly. Less flipping and flopping and more time to reflect on answers.

2. Optional Essay Is Not Your Opinion

Even though the SAT essay is optional, many colleges will want to see you attempt it. Be aware though, the essay is not looking for your opinion, but instead, looking for your ability to analyze and rip apart the article’s opinion. Make sure you have your critical thinking cap on. Look for logical fallacies, deconstructive arguments, and don’t be afraid to disagree, but by looking at the writer’s techniques, not opinion.

3. Trust Yourself

Big tests can cause bigger anxiety battles. Yet, if you’ve been prepping and putting in the work, you must learn to trust your initial responses in the multiple-choice and essay sections. Remember, this is a harshly timed exam, so there’s no time to spend your time second-guessing.

You’ve already done the hard work! It’s time to reap the reward.

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