Tips For Mid Year Homeschool Transition

Tips For Mid Year Homeschool Transition

Here’s the good news, mid-year is the perfect time to transition to homeschool! Whether you’re considering transitioning due to the current pandemic, your child is falling behind, not being challenged, struggling with on-line learning, has learning differences, or any other justification, here are tips that will help make the shift more manageable.

Deciding to homeschool is a complex one, and the switch often causes parents to feel anxious and overwhelmed. However, realizing the benefits of homeschooling, such as customized curriculums, continually updated educational plans for optimal learning, 1:1 or small group instruction, and flexible schedules, often makes the process worthwhile.

Thankfully, if this process seems daunting, there are experts you can turn to that are well versed in homeschooling and who can help make the transition seamless.


Homeschooling 101:

1) Be aware of your state’s homeschooling rules and regulations.

Many states require:

  • Notification of your intent to homeschool to necessary officials.
  • Specific subjects that need to be covered.
  • Assessments for academic progress. 
  • Parents who homeschool have a highschool diploma or GED.
  • Record keeping and submission of students progress.

2) Withdrawing your child from their current school:

  • Contact your child’s school and school district to notify them of the change.
  • Make sure that every entity is notified correctly and on time.
  • Obtain all records and transcripts needed from your current school.

3) Explore Curriculum Options:

  • Research available curriculums to identify which work best for your family’s needs and match your child’s learning style.
  • Take into account your child’s educational goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Join local homeschool groups and social media groups to help answer questions.

4) Create an Optimal Learning Environment:

  • Designate a space where your child can learn according to their specific learning style.
  • Remove distractions.
  • Gather all supplies, books, teaching materials in advance.
  • Create and follow a schedule.
  • Set Goals!

Be Patient

While you are navigating this new adventure, remember to be patient with yourself and your child until everyone gets used to the change. Without a doubt, you will encounter challenges, uncertainty, and many questions but know that it will get easier, and the gratification of watching your child reach their full potential will be priceless.

Groza Homeschool Parent Testimonial

“He says he has done more reading in 2 days than he has in 9 months on Zoom!-eeek!!

Reading is really something he resists doing so he'[s making up for lost time;)

Aside from that, interacting with friends and teachers has made all the difference and he absolutely loves it. We are very fortunate he has this opportunity.”