Effective Executive Functioning Skills

Effective Executive Functioning Skills

What is Executive Functioning?

Are you familiar with the term “Executive Functioning”?  Executive Functioning has been described as “the management system of the brain” that accesses information, thinks about solutions, and implements those solutions.  The term may be new to you but there is a high probability that your child is currently struggling with implementing executive functioning skills.

Building executive skills is becoming increasingly difficult in our modern society.  Children are bombarded with information, carry heavy academic workloads, and busy extracurricular schedules, making it challenging to stay focused and stay on task.

Executive Functioning

Indicators a student maybe struggling with Executive Functioning:

  • Disorganization
  • Trouble organizing thoughts
  • Keeping track of belongings
  • Not knowing where to start, feeling overwhelmed
  • Panic when rules of routines change
  • Difficulty transitioning between activities
  • Time management issues, last minute cramming, procrastination
  • Being scattered
  • Poor or no planning

Note: although many of these signs are characteristic of ADHD (almost all kids with ADHD struggle with EF),children can struggle with EF without having ADHD or learning challenges.

How to Manage Executive Functioning Issues: 

Systematic, explicit instruction and strategies are at the heart of executive functioning remediation. It is important to model, teach, and test different coping and metacognitive strategies so that the student can adopt new ways of thinking about and doing work.

By teaching kids targeted exercises and real-world implementation of such structure, students begin to build new ways of thinking, habits, and routines that positively impact not only schoolwork but also enrich their day-to-day lives.

Skills Learned through Executive Functioning Programs:

  • Increased attention span
  • Strengthen working memory
  • Organization, planning, and prioritizing
  • Starting tasks and staying focused until completion
  • Self-monitoring (keeping track of your schedule, belongings etc.)
  • Flexibility thinking and understanding different points of view
  • Regulating emotions
  • Self control

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