The Importance of Kindergarten

Every year, in the United States the 21st of April is the official celebration date of National Kindergarten Day. Why April 21 you ask? Well, it is the birthday of the German educator Friedrich Fröbel, who founded the first play and activity institute called kindergarten in 1837. (Kindergarten’s actually a mid-19th century German word literally […]

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College Class of 2025

Did you know that this year’s applicant pool for the College Class of 2025 has been the most competitive in recent history.  With limited access to traditional extracurriculars such as sports and school clubs, prospective college students wondered – what will colleges expect from them?  This year was all about student’s personal stories.  In addition […]

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10 Ways to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

All students experience some form of summer learning loss during the vacation months when they may not participate in many educational opportunities.  Furthermore, experts agree that this year’s learning loss will be exasperated due to the negative effects of distance learning.  Sadly, they are anticipating a significant decrease in student achievement come fall 2021. In […]

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Can Academic Assessments Evaluate Learning Loss?

As a parent, I am worried about my children, their education, and our future. The pandemic has shaken the education system at all levels; consequently, many children will be completing this school year with a gap in their fundamental learning. COVID-19 has transformed our learning paradigm; in 2020, nearly 50 million public school students and […]

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Cyberbullying: The Ugly Truth

Cyberbullying is an undeniable truth, defined as the use of electronic communication (social media platforms, websites, apps, texts) to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature with the intention of hurting or harming another person.  Cyberbullying is even more damaging than face-to-face bullying since it can happen anytime, anywhere, […]

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Partner Spotlight: Groza Learning Center

As an experienced education partner, Laurel Springs recognizes that when it comes to learning options, one size does not fit all. Whether our partners want a comprehensive education program or to augment their curriculum with a few select courses, we help them find the best solution to suit their specific needs and student populations. This additional […]

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Tips For Mid Year Homeschool Transition

Here’s the good news, mid-year is the perfect time to transition to homeschool! Whether you’re considering transitioning due to the current pandemic, your child is falling behind, not being challenged, struggling with on-line learning, has learning differences, or any other justification, here are tips that will help make the shift more manageable. Deciding to homeschool […]

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How to be Productive Over Winter Break

Sure, I will get some work done during winter break . . .eventually. It knows when you are sleeping It knows when you’re awake It knows when you are bad or good So be good for goodness sake You better watch out You better not cry You better not pout I’m telling you why Procrastination […]

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Holiday Fun for the Whole Family

‘Tis the Season to get out and enjoy the wonder of the holidays.  There are so many fun holiday adventures to discover around Southern California.  Grab your family and friends and have a ball.   South Coast Botanical Gardens- GLOW A visually stunning art installation that will transform our lush botanic oasis into an oceanic […]

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